My family’s been growing hazelnuts for over a hundred years. Before me my father, before him my grandfather, and before everybody my great-grandfather.

I am following in their footsteps, along the road they marked out and taught me, aware of my good fortune of living in the land that delivers the best hazelnuts in the world.

“Where the blue skies of May blend into the crest of the hills”, so Beppe Fenoglio described the Alta Langa. That’s exactly what our land is like. The vineyards of the Langhe are no more for we are in harsher, wilder territory, made up of hills that rise up towards the sky, woods, pastures, stone villages. And hazelnut groves.

We follow the natural cycle of the Langa and its hazelnut trees. And we make really sure that the natural goodness of hazelnuts is respected, protected and delivered to lovers of taste: the professionals of sweetness or the most refined gourmets, true admirers of the round, gentle, three-lobed hazelnut of the Alta Langa.


Hazelnuts. Only hazelnuts. Toasted to taste in this deliciously simple way, one after the other.

In grain form, to enrich the taste and aroma of desserts. Hazelnut flour, when preparing cakes. Hazelnut paste, an ingredient that makes the difference in pastry and ice cream recipes. Hazelnut and cocoa cream, a delicacy that combines the two most delicious fruits in the world.