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We’re in Feisoglio. A little village in the Alta Langa.
Just over 300 inhabitants.
A few hills further on are the lands of Barolo, Barbaresco, Moscato, names that are sacred to lovers of taste.
And from a few hills a little further south you can already see the Ligurian sea.

For four generations we have grown hazelnuts on this land in the Alta Langa.
Here, the culture of taste can be breathed and experienced.

It is in the aroma of hazelnuts that pervades the air when toasting is taking place or when a hazelnut cake is being prepared.

And this aroma wafted through the air till it reached Turin where in the nineteenth century it helped to create the Gianduiotto, becoming the signature ingredient of Turin’s great confectionery and chocolate industry.

The Hazelnut Gran Cru

Connoisseurs have no doubt: these are the best hazelnuts in the world.
Only here in the Upper Langa does the union of land and air and a centuries old agricultural tradition create this unique intermingling of flavours, aromas and organoleptic properties.

These are the characteristics that make Alta Langa hazelnuts the favourites with taste lovers all over the world: great confectioners, hard-to-please chefs, artisan gelato makers, and lovers of the best things that nature has to offer.